Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow Week!

I hope everybody has enjoyed the snow and the extra family time!  After four days of playing in the snow, I am eager to get back to school and get back into the routine.  I'm sure the kids are feeling the same!  Because of the late start of the week, we will start Monday's (planned) lessons tomorrow which will push us into next week.  This week, in math, we are starting our unit on time.  Students will be working on telling time to the minute, elapsed time, and equivalent periods of time over the next few weeks.  In Language Arts, we will be working on summarizing nonfiction, text structure, sequencing, as well as base words and past and present verb tenses.  In Social Studies, we will continue our Explorer unit and in Science, the students will continue working on the Water Cycle.  

Please look in your child's agenda for what homework will be (there may be some worksheets to help us catch up) as well as to see what assessments are coming up and when.  

If you didn't get the school's email this week, class pictures have been rescheduled for next Wednesday (1/18).  

Upcoming Dates:
01/12  School Board Meeting @ 6:00 pm
01/16  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – All Schools & Offices Closed
01/18  Whole Class Picture Day
01/19  Yearbook Make Up Photos (new students ONLY)
01/24  Bucket Filler Breakfast for selected students! J
01/26  Donuts with Dads (breakfast) beginning @ 8:00 am
            All Schools Dismiss 90 minutes early (CAES @ 2:20)
01/27  End of 2nd Quarter
           Midyear PALS window closes
           All Schools Dismiss 90 minutes early (CAES @ 2:20)
01/30  Teacher Workday – No school for students
01/31  District Wide Professional Development Day – No School for Students
02/03  Decades Dance @ 7pm
02/06  One School One Book Kickoff – Because of Winn Dixie
02/07  National School Counselors’ Day
02/09  Report Cards

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays and the kids enjoyed their break!  I know I am ready to get back into the routine this week.  We are going to jump right back in where we left off in December.  This week, in math, we are going to finish multiplication (multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers) and finish up the week in division.  In Language Arts, we are going to review summarizing in fiction, work on sequencing, and learn about r controlled vowels in phonics.  For homework, students will be reading 30 minutes (remember, each step on their reading log is equal to 15 minutes of independent reading), word study homework, and for math, they should be practicing their math multiplication facts (either with flash cards or on ST Math fluency).

Some upcoming important dates for January
  • 1/11 - Class Pictures
  • 1/16 - No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • 1/26 - 1/27 - 2:20 Dismissal (End of 9 Wks)
  • 1/30-1/31 - No School

One more note... starting this week, I would like to allow the kids to bring in a dry snack for the afternoon.  They can either pack this snack or buy a snack at lunch time.  They will be expected to unpack and put their snack in their desk at the beginning of the day.  Their snack time will be during their daily read to self time (during reading small group rotations).  If you have any questions regarding snack, or anything else, please let me know!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week of 11/28

Happy Sunday!  I hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekends filled with family and food.  

We are diving back into a normal routine this week.  Please expect your child to have spelling homework and sorts to practice nightly in addition to their 30 minutes of reading and studying for math.  

Speaking of math, this week we are moving into multiplication.  The kids started making flash cards last week and will finish them this week.  Students should be using these to study for math nightly, I will start off asking them to study specific facts like their 1's and 2's facts.  This week, we will also be working on questioning while reading non fiction and determining main idea and supporting detail.  In SS, we will be reviewing Native American tribes and in science, students will continue working on their habitat projects

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

Good evening all!  

First, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who could attend Wednesday's exhibition.  It was a great night for the kids and I was so proud of each of them.  They worked very hard these last nine weeks and I think the projects showed how much thought and hard work went into them.  

Second, we have a short week this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Please remember, Wednesday is a 3 hour dismissal, so we will be dismissing at 12:50 p.m.  Because of the early dismissal, we will be eating lunch 40 minutes early at 11:25.  

This week, we will be taking our Math CPA, working on questioning in our reading, as well as doing a few Thanksgiving activities.  I would also like to do a Thanksgiving STEM project on Wednesday.  If anyone could send in any of these items by Wednesday, it would great! 
1. Newspaper
2. Tin Foil
3. Masking Tape
4. Pipe Cleaners
5. Cardboard
6.Popsicle Sticks

Also, I'd like to do a camp read in on Wednesday as well.  So many students are SO CLOSE to reaching 100 steps.  I'd like for them to try to reach that goal by Wednesday.  They are welcome to wear (school appropriate) PJs, bring flashlights, and a blanket so we can get comfortable and READ, READ, READ!  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a fantastic week!  

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Wow!  What a busy month we've had.  My goal is to update the blog weekly, however, this month truly flew by!  I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the pictures on Class Dojo!  Instead of posting them to the blog, I will be posting there instead since I can post as I take them or shortly after without having to upload to my laptop.

This week, we have began working on our Heroes project.  Please engage your child and discuss the qualities of a hero.  They will be picking a person from their personal lives who they see as their own hero.  This is the basis of their project and who they will be focusing on for the next 6 weeks.  
The Hero Exhibition night will be November 16th from 6-7 p.m.
Third grade is asking for picture frames (8x10) to use exhibition night if you might have any to donate.  They do not have to be in great condition and we are asking that they NOT have glass in them as well.  Please let me know if you are able to send any in.  

Field trip forms will be coming home tomorrow (Friday, 9/30).  We will be going to the Virginia Living Museum on Friday, 10/21.  As always, parents are welcome to come help chaperone.  The price for adults is $18 and we are asking just for parents (no siblings, sorry!).  

We have also started PALS testing this week and will finish up next week.  Interims will be coming home next Wednesday (10/5).  I will have a sign up sheet for conferences on Back to School night (10/11).  I am hoping to meet with each of you so we can discuss your child's adjustment and progress so far in third grade.  During this conference, I will be going over your child's PALS scores and will be happy to answer any questions about your child's grades (since I know this will be the first time you will be seeing letter grades for your child.)

***One more thing, our art teacher, Ms. Enyingi, has created a website and will be uploading all the students' artwork by class.  Please check it out throughout the year.  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of this information (I know it's a lot!).  My e-mail is the best way to contact me, as well as Class Dojo or the Remind app if it's a quick question.  

This week, we worked on...
  • Language Arts: Drawing Conclusions in Nonfiction texts, Author's Purpose, Main Idea, Long E  Vowels, and Rhyming Words
  • Math: Reviewing Place Value and Rounding 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers
  • Social Studies: Basic Rights and Principles, Diversity
  • Science with Ms. King: Physical and Behavioral Adaptations

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My name is Mrs. Chappell and I cannot wait to be your child's teacher this year! It is going to be an awesome year!  Please check the blog to see what is happening in your child's class.  I will be providing extra information regarding what books we're reading, skills we are working on, or things you can do at home! 

Please check out the handbook to see how we work together in Room 402 to make this school year GREAT!